August 2, 2022 Action for Nuclear Abolition

Tuesday August 2, 2022 Action for Nuclear Abolition

In 1982, the year of historic anti-nuclear demonstrations, the “Doomsday Clock” stood at four minutes to midnight. Today it stands at 100 seconds to midnight. The dire situation among Russia, Ukraine, and NATO countries, with nuclear saber rattling, prompts us -- a coalition of peace, antinuclear, and environmental groups -- to come together to take action at this historic time while the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference takes place in NYC.

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Sponsors of the June 22, 2022 webinar Civil Disobedience and Nuclear Abolition: NYC War Resisters League, World Can’t Wait, CODEPINK, NY Metro Raging Grannies, Pax Christi NYS, NYC Extinction Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion Peace, Brooklyn for Peace and The Nuclear Resister.

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