Pledge Your Support! Be part of Ending Child Poverty in Australia

The existence of child poverty in Australia is undeniable with one in six children living below the poverty line. In real numbers, that’s between 761,000 and 1.2million Australian children living in poverty, and more than 200,000 experiencing severe poverty.

The negative impact of poverty on a child’s development and life outcomes is significant, well documented and can last a lifetime. Poverty effects a child’s health, mental health and wellbeing and many children experience missing out on essential items like food, clothing, a safe place to sleep and often friendships.

A child who lives in poverty is 3.3 times as likely to live in poverty as an adult.

We must do better. We invite you to join us as we begin the journey of Ending Child Poverty in Australia.

Cost of living, inflation and soaring interest rates has created a tinder box for families already experiencing poverty and children have no choice in their circumstances. This is despite having parents trying to do their best.  In Australia, there is no commitment to end child poverty. And we don’t know the true extent of children living in poverty.

The opportunity.

It’s time to put children at the centre of ending poverty. We are calling on the Federal Government to:

·     Legislate an end to child poverty;

·     Include children as a priority in the Wellbeing Budget and Framework;

·     Establish a Ministerial portfolio for a Child Poverty Reduction Minister.

By pledging your support for the campaign, you pledge to:

·     Raise awareness to End Child Poverty within your organisation;

·     Share surveys, social media tiles, petitions and our website;

·     Talk to another organisation and individual to join our call;

·     Make a financial contribution to the campaign (optional);

·     Attend campaign meetings to hear our updates on progress and actions needed;

·     Contribute case studies and data, and intel and strategic advice to the campaign; and/or

·     Sign on to joint letters or write your own to key MPs, urging their support for reform.

You or Your organisation will get:

·     Proudly display your logo or name on our website and signing onto public statements;

·     Special invites to our events and opportunities to participate; and

·     Resources to share.

Thank you for being part of something big – where children matter. It’s time for change.

Proudly supported by:

·     Dr Sue Packer AO, ACT Senior Australian of the Year

·     Colin Pettit, Former WA Commissioner for Children and Young People