Building for Power: A Green New Deal from Coast to Coast!

DSA organized from coast to coast to seize crucial state and local seats from capitalists.

It’s time to flex that power and bring a Green New Deal to our towns and cities. How do we do this? By Building for Power: Organizing around four crucial battlegrounds–housing, public transit, public power, and public spaces.

Can you help us:
  • Make clean and renewable energy an immediate mandate for public power?
  • Fight for green social housing to move towards making sustainable and affordable homes a human right?
  • Push for expansive bus rapid transit, new rail lines, and better benefits for transit workers?
  • Green our public schools for healthy classrooms and learning spaces for students, staff, and teachers?
Then get involved in monthly cross-chapter collaborations and tool sharing, gain resources and help from our national organization, and start building a Green New Deal in your own backyard.

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