Call Congress About The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

Your Senators and Representative need hear from you about the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

1. Find your members of Congress's phone numbers. You can find your Senators' phone numbers here and you can find your Representative's number here.

2. Dial the first number. When someone answers or if you're instructed to leave a voicemail, you can use your own words or the script below:

"Hi, my name is YOUR NAME.

I'm calling from YOUR TOWN/CITY to ask you the SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE to co-sponsor the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2023 (S. 3127, H.R.6053).

I'm very concerned about the growing amount of plastic that's littering our oceans and rivers, filling up landfills, hurting wildlife, and polluting our air, water, soil and even our bodies.

The recently reintroduced Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2023 is the only bill yet introduced in Congress that will actually address the root causes of the growing plastic pollution crisis by reducing the amount of plastic produced and shifting more responsibility to manufacturers to deal with the mess their products create, as well as pausing unnecessary new plastic production.

I hope the SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE will co-sponsor the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act without delay and be a leader in confronting this scary environmental and public health crisis."

3. Thank the staffer for taking your call. They may ask you to provide your full address to verify that you are a constituent.

4. Hang up and repeat this process for your other members of Congress.

5. Then please take 5 seconds to fill out the form on the right to let us know how your call went. It is so helpful for us to know what you're hearing.

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to help protect our oceans, wildlife, soil, air and bodies from plastic pollution.

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