Call NY State Senators: Support Contraception Access!

NY SENATE INSURANCE COMMITTEE - Republican Senators’ Contact Information:

  • James L. Seward: (518) 455-3131

  • Martin J. Golden: (518) 455-2730

  • Chris Jacobs: (518) 455-3240

  • Andrew J. Lanza: (518) 455-3215

  • Kenneth P. LaValle: (518) 455-3121

  • Terrence Murphy: (518) 455-3111

  • Thomas F. O’Mara: (518) 455-2091

  • Elaine Phillips: (518) 455-3265

  • Sue Serino: (518) 455-2945

SAMPLE SCRIPT (try to personalize it by explaining why contraception access matters to you!):

Hello, I would like to make a comment to Senator ____ regarding legislative matters.

My name is _____ and I am calling to strongly urge Senator ____ to support the bipartisan Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act of 2017. Its bill number is S03668.

This bill, sponsored by a Republican senator, is imperative to ensure that both men and women stay safe and healthy and are able to plan effectively for the future.

[personal story/message about necessity/benefit of free access to birth control]
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