Climate Call or Letter Challenge

Climate Pledge Collective

The Climate Call and Letter Challenge is a fun way to get over the hump of inaction and awkwardness and start communicating about climate change.


Write a message or take a picture of yourself with either the #climatecallchallenge or #climateletter challenge hashtag;

Post it on social media with a brief explanation of the challenge;
Commit to making one call or sending one letter for every share you get!; Challenge a few friends to do the same.If you're worried about the time commitment, you can set a cap (max twenty letters or whatever). And then you write your letters or make your calls in December.


If people register, we will have a rough sense of how many people are participating. Plus we will send you a reminder email to make your calls or send your letters half-way through December.

Form by
Myrtle Millares
Toronto, Canada