Community Outreach Volunteers Protecting and advocating for each other is at the heart of what United Vision for Idaho does. We know that so many folks who make up our membership are also some of the most vulnerable in the face of this pandemic. It is an important reminder of why we do this work. We are grateful to be in community with you; ALL of you as we all navigate this difficult time.

We are asking you to engage in outreach and relationship building. From our deep canvassing, we heard from thousands of people who shared their feelings of isolation not knowing that others felt the same way or were having the same experience but craving connection during seemingly normal times.  The act of deep listening and sharing our own stories in this moment is an act of activism and empathy.

We are asking for you to help us respond directly to the needs of people in your local community. Together, we will provide support and connection to thousands of people amidst fear and  isolation.

Relational/Transformative Organizing We meet people where they are. Right now, many are struggling and feeling deep anxiety. We will provide people an opportunity to talk with us and share their experiences in a way that ensures participants feel safe, seen and heard. Each texter will have direct links to share resources, information, and support to meet their emergent needs, engage in deeper conversations and allow us to follow up in one-to-one phone conversations.

Emergent Response is a way to link people in need directly to the resources and information they need.

Digital Deep Canvass is a revolutionary new way of connecting people and communities. In one-on-one conversations will check in with people to see how they are doing? Together, we will reach hundreds of thousands of people through phone and texting programs to engage in real conversations and build the kind of relationships we were building at the doors and in community gatherings.

Policies Matter: The crisis is far more reaching. During these times of crisis, new narratives, new policies and new social behaviors are being established. How we act and what we say at this moment can help define perceptions, assumptions and policy preferences in our communities, states and country has profound implications. In addition to acting with compassion and urgency around immediate needs, we must address the insidious rhetoric and policy implications that will undermine our long-term shared goals.

Acknowledging Pain and Using it to Move Forward Together. We know that the curtain has been pulled back on a great many systemic problems that are impacting people differently and exacerbating the pain of those already vulnerable. These conversations are at the heart of our work to change the social and political analysis and move us forward as a nation together where no one gets left out or left behind. We will be providing tools have those conversations and make meaning out of our current realities.

With all that is at stake, this is an opportunity to engage in our shared values and issues. By understanding what matters to people, we can connect people to one another in virtual community gatherings. We know that working in isolation has never worked, and now that we are facing a long period of self-isolation, we have to be able to reach and unite people on their shared issues and unite communities albeit virtually for now.

Fill out the form to the left, and we will send you instructions on how to get started and join our texting team.