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Meeting ID: 813 5184 1853
Passcode: 179181

Especially in the days of virtual schooling and working from home, doing a slideshow presentation isn't on most regular agendas anymore. But have no fear, your opportunity has arrived! Make a slideshow (Powerpoint, Google Slides, whatever) about anything you want and share with the "class" of your LGBTQ+ peers.

What's your favorite conspiracy theory? What's your most controversial opinion? Introduce us to your favorite celebrity, or your best friend. Teach us about your college major, your current job/research, or the historical events that fascinate you. Make up your own drinking game. Build a trivia board, or a choose-your-own adventure story. The options are endless, so long as you can encompass it in a shared-screen on a Zoom call!

And for a little added difficulty/fun factor, we encourage you to be a little inebriated ;)
drunk stoned faded twisted turnt trashed wasted sloshed tipsy tripped out silly

This drunk/stoned Powerpoint night will be hosted on Zoom, Thursday, October 15th, from 8-10PM. Use this form to get yourself a spot on the line-up! We will possibly have some spots available for late-comers to sign-up but submit your interest on this form to be safe. This event is a fundraiser for Community Pride 2020. Learn more here.

We suggest presentations to be 5-15 minutes. Again, you can use any format/program you want and incorporate sound/video as long as you can do it by sharing your screen on Zoom. Rehearsing can help things go smoother, but being a little intoxicated is supposed to undo some of that anyway, for the goofs.

You absolutely do NOT have to drink or smoke or whatever to participate! We welcome sober participants and audience members to join in, too.

We do not support illegal activity, officially...................

You'll get an invite to the Zoom room the day of the show via email and it will be posted on our Facebook event page and through our Instagram/linktree.

** This event will possibly be recorded or live-streamed for our Twitch and YouTube channels, so please consider this when signing up!

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