Community Transformers Programme - Sign Up!

The Community Transformers Programme is the support network for people who are dedicated to realising XR's Trust The People project, that is, catalysing the democratic revolution waiting to happen.

To help the working group to support you in this program we've got a few questions. This will allow us to connect you with other Transformers to join a Hive (a small team of 9 Community Transformers), to keep you connected with the rest of the Community Transformers and Hives and, importantly, to call on your support in co-creating the programme. We don't have the answers and this whole project is up to us!

Some of the questions relate to identity, access and inclusion. They are entirely voluntary and are there to help us raise up traditionally marginalised voices and make this program as inclusive as possible. The other questions are to ensure a good mix of knowledge and experience in each Hive.

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