Connect with Trans United's new Executive Director Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd

50 years after the Stonewall riots kickstarted our movements for trans and queer justice, led by the bravery and brilliance of trans women of color, our struggles for equality, equity, and justice for our communities continues as Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd, a nationally recognized leader in trans communities of color and beyond takes the helm of Trans United.

Daroneshia has a transformative vision for trans communities across the U.S.-but this vision is about ALL of us, and it will be made stronger with your input. Sign up at right to connect with Daroneshia, hear more about her vision for our movements, and share your perspectives so we can chart the path forward.

Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd is an unapologetic Black trans woman from the deep South who has been organizing for justice for trans women of color for over 8 years. She has built the organization she founded, Transgender Advocates Knowledgably Empowering, or TAKE, from the ground up with few resources into the nationally-recognized organization it is today, which serves hundreds of trans women of color throughout Alabama and the surrounding areas, providing crisis intervention, helping community members access healthcare, name and gender marker changing services, mental health and community building services, and many more.

Daroneshia’s work for justice has been featured in The Advocate, HBO’s Problem Areas with Wyatt Cenac, the recent State of Pride documentary, and many other publications throughout Alabama and the U.S.

Trans United is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are considered charitable gifts and are tax-deductible.

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