Sign the pledge to defend democracy and ensure every vote is counted

Our state and our country are places where every person should count. No matter what you look like, how much money you have, or where you come from, it is the right of every American to vote in fair and free elections and to have their votes counted.

We are united in these beliefs and committed to upholding them.

When the President of the United States attempts to silence the voice of the people by calling into question safe and secure voting options, we must act.

When the President of the United States uses the power of the office to weaken democracy in our country’s time of need, we must speak out.

When the President of the United States will not say that he will recognize the results of the election, we must defend our democracy.

A democracy is a society where the people have the power to govern. The President does not decide whether he will abide by the results of an election, the people do.

Uniting across our differences, we will ensure that every vote is counted and swear in a government elected by and for us. By joining together in record numbers, we will ensure a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions – from Iowa to the White House.

#CountOnUs to defend democracy.


  1. We pledge to vote in this election, and to protect and keep polling locations open.

  2. We pledge to talk with our friends, family, and neighbors and get them to commit to vote early by mail and in-person beginning Oct 5.

  3. We pledge to demand that our elected officials and institutions count every vote. They must ensure that:

    1. We can freely exercise our right to vote at the polls and receive accurate information about our election.

    2. We are safe from militias, police violence, and intimidation as we vote.

    3. We are able to vote by mail and trust that the postal service is able to process our ballots in time.

    4. We receive clear, continued information on the ballot counting process and election results.

Sign the pledge to ensure every vote in Iowa is counted.

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