Pledge to join national #FastAction Aug. 11

Millions of Americans are struggling to feed their families, keep a roof over their head, or afford healthcare costs or other everyday essentials to survive the unprecedented economic devastation caused by the pandemic. More than two months after the House passed the HEROES Act — and despite the last supplemental $600 unemployment checks going out on July 25 — Mitch McConnell’s GOP-led Senate continues to sit idly by as the working class is forced to fend for itself.

On August 11, we are taking our fight to the front doors of Senators in Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas and more who refuse to take #FastActionFor600 or offer any other support to unemployed workers. At these Senate offices, we are holding food distributions to help families in need and remind Senators of their obligation to American families who are struggling to survive this pandemic through no fault of their own.

In solidarity with the workers organizing food distributions at Senate offices, thousands of people are pledging to fast that same day to call on the Senate to take #FastAction for the tens of millions of jobless Americans struggling to survive this pandemic.

Will you join us by pledging to fast on August 11 and taking action with us that day?

Here’s the PLAN for those pledging to take #FastActionFor600:

  1. On Aug. 11, post an “empty plate” solidarity picture on social media with the hashtag, “#FastAction,” tagging Senators who refuse to pass the HEROES Act. Don’t forget to add a personalized message for your Senators about why they need to take #FastAction NOW. [See below for example]
  2. Nominate 3 friends to tag to encourage to take the pledge
  3. Join other fasters and special guests for our online press event Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Want to take it one step farther? Use the money you would have spent on food next Tuesday to donate to your local food bank.

By pledging today, you are helping to send a message to American families everywhere who are struggling right now that they are not alone. By tagging at least 3 friends to join you, you are helping to send this message even further.

Sample social post:

I pledge to fast on Aug. 11 in solidarity with millions of families struggling to afford to feed their families since the $600 UI expired. Tell @senmcsallyaz @corygardner @senthomtillis @lindseygrahamsc @senatemajrldr @johncornyn: We need #FastAction to #Savethe600!