Protecting Finance Workers From COVID-19

FSU members are seeking commitments from employers across the finance industry to protect our rights and secure our safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Show your support for our commonsense framework for finance sector employers by adding your name to the form.

Some elements of the FSU's commonsense framework for employers are outlined below.
You can read our full letter here.

• Provide access to special paid leave for all employees, including contracts and casual, impacted by Coronavirus and not require employees to use or exhaust their own leave before providing access to special leave

• Suspend all restructures, branch closures and performance/sales targets (including NPS), effective immediately

• Provide employees with appropriate protective equipment and commit to stringent social distancing measures in all workplaces

• Reimburse costs incurred as a result of Coronavirus for things like parking, equipment required to work from home etc

• Provide alternate options for employees who can't commit to working from home

Is my employer doing the right thing? Check the FSU's scorecard here.

We all need to stand together for the health, safety and sustainability of our industry.

Show your support by signing and sharing with colleagues across finance.

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