At the FSU we work hard to improve the lives of finance sector workers every day.

As trade union members we are united by a set of common values and interests. We believe in fairness, respect, equality, and helping each other out when times are tough. We believe that an effective and stimulating workplace is one where we have a say in what is going on. We believe in the inherent dignity that secure paid work brings to us and our families as we strive for better standards of living. Being a trade union member is about helping to build a better life for you and your family, your colleagues, and your community.

Our Union history is full of everyday Australians achieving extraordinary outcomes.

As workers in the finance sector we provide an essential service that matters to each and every Australian. We are committed to building a prosperous and ethical banking and financial services industry that does the right thing by the community, and the right thing by those who work in it. We also acknowledge that there is a fundamental power imbalance between us as workers and our employers — and that we must change the rules to win some power back.

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