Local Group Agreement

Future Ground Network supports groups that meet regularly to take action to secure healthier, more viable futures in the areas of climate justice, biodiversity, waste reduction and sustainable systems across so-called Canada. Joining the network means connecting with organizers from other groups to share best practices, find inspiration, and work together to achieve common goals. Learn more here.

If you have an existing group of four or more members, please sign this local group agreement to register. If your group is just starting out and has less than four members, you can join the waitlist for our new organizer training series (dates TBD).

Thank you for your commitment! We know it takes courage and generosity to dedicate your time to acting on issues that matter most to you and your community. As an organizer, you’ll fuel the network by sharing ideas and best practices with other groups. As network facilitator, the David Suzuki Foundation will provide free access to training opportunities, webinars, and digital tools to help your group make an impact. To learn more about what membership means, please read our Value Proposition and Charter of Values.

NOTE: We understand that not all participating groups have the time and resources to participate fully while dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. We hope that you can still join us to benefit from network resources in this moment.

Local organizers will...

  • Participate in monthly training webinars and other learning opportunities
  • Provide access to network training materials with your group
  • Foster safe and accessible spaces for open dialogue and collective decision-making amongst your group
  • Communicate regularly with other group leaders and network support staff using Slack
  • Guide your group according to our Charter of Values
  • Contribute input and feedback on network tools and resources
  • Profile and celebrate your group’s work during webinars and on our Slack workspace
  • Share ideas, knowledge, and best practices with other network members

David Suzuki Foundation will...

  • Facilitate training webinars and monthly group leader calls
  • Develop training materials in response to the network’s interests and needs
  • Coach local organizers to help keep their groups’ organizing spaces safe and accessible
  • Respond to questions from organizers within 2 business days
  • Support organizers in developing their own local group agreements
  • Consult local group organizers and adapt tools and resources to their needs
  • Promote the successes of local groups through David Suzuki Foundation’s channels
  • Connect local group organizers to each other and to external expertise