Get Foreign Money Out- YES! I want to join you!

Thank you for joining our campaign to Get Foreign Money Out of California Elections!

What we have learned from the failure to get a vote on AB83 in the Assembly is that way too many legislators are apparently untroubled by the influence of foreign money in our elections.

Our job is to persuade them that there's only one right thing and that is to defend democracy and stand up to a corrupt Supreme Court that has made us even more vulnerable to foreign influence.

California should be leading the nation in passing this model legislation, but instead we are stalling and falling for misinformation.

Join us as we work to add California to the states and communities that have passed this democracy affirming legislation: Seattle, Minnesota, Maine and San Jose, CA (Yes! San Jose!).

We will be hosting monthly interactive zoom call updates and hope you will join us.   We have an impressive list of California State and National endorsing organizations like CA Clean Money Campaign, RepresentUS, Move To Amend, Courage Campaign, along with our National Sponsors, Free Speech For People and the Center For American Progress, who are all working to successfully pass this bill.

Please join us by signing up and answering a few survey questions so we can find out what you might be interested in doing to help us get this legislation passed!

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Cynthia Fowler
Villa de las Flores, Mexico
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