Get more info about Melissa Tomlinson for Freeholder


Thank you for taking interest in electing Melissa Tomlinson to Freeholder at Large to represent the people of Atlantic County!

Melissa Tomlinson is currently a special education teacher in the Buena Regional School District. She previously ran for AC Freeholder in 2015 and has decided to renew her effort to create change in the governmental systems at the county level.

Melissa is running as a Green Party candidate after careful consideration of their platform that revolves around issues that are first and foremost with her concerns, social justice and preservation of the democratic processes. Melissa is running for freeholder to help connect the government to the people of Atlantic County. Her campaign will focus on transparency of government, connecting citizens to available services, and ensuring that the future of Atlantic County will be prosperous for everyone who lives here.

This campaign will not be easy and we need everyone to join us as we work on connecting the government to the people.