We Choose Us​​​​.

We choose us! And we’re saying #YESonIssue1 on November 6th, 2018! But we need YOU!

Issue One is the Neighborhood Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Initiative created for and by Ohioans, community leaders, and grassroots organizations who are invested in making sure our communities have what we need to thrive.

As our country and the state of Ohio realize the positive economic and social impacts of ending the stigma and criminalization of drug use and addiction, it is on us to make sure we don’t leave behind our neighbors, friends and family who are negatively impacted by drug addiction and the criminal justice system.

No one cares more or knows more about saving our communities than we do.

That is why we are asking you to join a growing community throwing down to make Issue One the law of the land in Ohio. We will only win this groundbreaking change for our communities if we get in formation.

Please sign up to get involved and register to vote HERE before October 9th.

Will you join us in this fight and say YES?

  • Voting yes to Issue One means saying yes to reducing the sentences of our people detained in prison for drug addiction and violations while preventing courts from sending people who are on probation back to prison for new non-violent drug offenses.
  • Voting yes to Issue One means saying yes to saving our people from being snatched from our families and placed into prisons by changing non-violent drug offenses into nothing more than misdemeanors.
  • And most importantly, voting yes to Issue One means saying yes to saving nearly $130 million annually from freeing our people from prison, and instead, investing those funds back into drug treatment and rehabilitation programs to heal our families and our state.

The fierce activists of the Ohio Student Action are doing this for our state, our families and the culture!

This is real to us. No bullshit!

We have to vote, but we have to make sure we pull up and pop up every day to get what we need.

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