Gov. Ducey, It's Time to Call for Rep. Shooter's Resignation

Yesterday, the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives released a long-awaited report dealing with sexual harassment allegations against Republican state legislator Don Shooter, who has been accused by nine women of leering comments about their bodies, suggestive jokes, and inappropriate touching and grabbing.

Many elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats, are now calling for Shooter to step down or be removed from office. But so far, Governor Doug Ducey, the leader of the Arizona Republican Party, has refused to take a side -- despite his many speeches about how he's determined to stand up for women and against harassment.

Ducey needs to join his fellow Republicans in calling for Shooter's resignation, now. Can you call Ducey's office at (602) 542-4331 and tell him to take a stand?

Here's a script you can use: "Hi, my name is ___. I'm an Arizona resident, and I'm calling to ask Governor Doug Ducey to speak out about Republican state legislator Don Shooter and demand that he step down. The governor has spoken in the past about the need to combat sexual harrassment in government and beyond. An independent investigation has now found that Rep. Shooter engaged in "repeated and pervasive conduct" that created a hostile work environment for his colleagues. Gov. Ducey needs to back up his past rhetoric with action by calling for Shooter's immediate resignation."

When your call is done, fill out the form on the right to let us know how it went.

Form by
Emily Kirkland
Phoenix, Arizona