Host a Virtual Postcard Distribution for the Freedom to Vote

If you want to increase the power of your efforts for the Freedom to Vote Act, consider hosting a  postcard distribution event. Together, we've generated over 10,000 calls so far to pass critical voting rights legislation.

The strategy is to urge supportive senators to put voting rights on the front burner and move their colleagues to join in pushing for passage. Senators must feel pressure to end the filibuster for this legislation to pass. It's easy to recruit volunteers because your event appears in the online calendar. For the actual event, you order preprinted postcards in bundles of 50; they come with pre-printed name/address labels.  

You pick a date, and your volunteers come get their cards off your porch  or wherever you designate. (You can deliver the cards or hold an in-person party if you want). Volunteers write a short handwritten message, stick on the stamps and labels, and put the postcards in the mail.

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