Host a #ChangeTheDebate Presidential Debate Watch Party!

For our entire lives, the political and media establishment have gotten away with keeping climate change at the bottom of the national agenda.

In the 2016 Democratic primary debates, only 1.5% of questions were about climate change. Nearly half of the debates didn't have a single question about climate change.1

This election, we can’t let that happen again. Our next President’s climate policies could determine whether our not our generation has a livable future.

On June 26, presidential candidates will face off for the first time in Miami, Florida.

On this night, we will host watch parties across the country with our friends, peers and coworkers. We'll flood social media and demonstrate that there are thousands of young people ready to hold candidates accountable to giving a damn about our futures.

Hosting a watch party will be fun and simple, even if you have never done anything like this before! Sign up now and we'll send you next steps.


What does hosting a watch party involve?
A watch party could look like 10 people gathered in your apartment, dozens in a classroom, or 50 in a hall! It's really up to you. If you sign up to host, we'll ask you to build a team to help you plan, and start figuring out a venue. You'll be the main contact point for the event.

I want to help plan a watch party, but I don't have time to host. What can I do?
Check the map that will go up on our website in few weeks, and get in contact with any local hosts to see if they could use some extra help!

What are the Sunrise Principles, and why do I need to support them?
You can read the Sunrise principles here! We ask that everyone who takes part in Sunrise Movement agrees to these principles -- they allow us to act with both unity and autonomy.

1: MediaMatters: PRIMARY DEBATE SCORECARD: Climate Change Through 20 Presidential Debates

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