How Lib Dems can win with Basic Income

Hosted by Lib Dems for Basic Income, in partnership with the Basic Income Conversation, the Social Liberal Forum, and Compass Lib Dem Network

Tuesday 9th March. 7.30pm to 8.45pm


Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Liberal MP for the Beeches-East York area in Toronto, Canada, host of the Uncommons Podcast, and outspoken champion of Basic Income

Wendy Chamberlain, Liberal Democrat MP for North East Fife and Parliamentary Spokesperson for Scotland and Wales

Jane Dodds, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Wales

Luisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London

Tchiyiwe Chihana, UBI Lab Network

Chair: Dr Ian Kearns, Director, Social Liberal Forum

At last year’s Autumn Conference, Liberal Democrat members voted overwhelmingly to adopt Universal Basic Income as party policy.

Now, we have our first opportunity to make this vital policy part of our campaigning platform for the bumper set of elections coming up on 6th May.

Not only are there council seats and mayoral positions up for grabs all over the country, but there are also the elections for Members of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Senedd.

So now it’s time for the really big questions:

How do we “sell” Universal Basic Income to the voting public?

How do we make it relevant in local contexts around the country?

How do we hammer home the advantage of being the biggest UK political party to have Universal Basic Income as party policy?

How do we make clear that it is a fundamentally liberal idea, and use it as a vehicle for the wider story of our party and our values?

Come and join our chair, Dr Ian Kearns, himself an active advocate of UBI on the national stage, as we explore these vital questions at exactly the right time. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, an MP for our sister party in Canada, will share his learnings from the basic income debate in Canada, Tchiyiwe Chihana from the UBI Lab Network will share why basic income is so important for women and then we have our very own star panel of Liberal Democrat women Wendy Chamberlain, Jane Dodds, and Luisa Porritt reflecting on the upcoming opportunities in the Scottish, Welsh and London elections!


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