I called on my Representative to Support the #CollegeForAll Act

Call your Democratic Representative and tell them that young people shouldn’t face debilitating debt for pursuing an education. This number will connect to your Member of Congress: 844-266-4612


"Hello, my name is (first and last name). I live in (town), (state) and I’m calling to urge Representative (Rep’s name) to support the College for All Act, HR 676. Investing in quality, accessible higher education is an investment in Americans -- and the future of our country. Right now college is too expensive, many Americans are prevented from even applying, and those of us who do graduate or have to drop out are straddled with debilitating debt for decades. Rep (Rep’s name) has a choice. They can continue establishment politics that only benefits Wall Street, corporate CEOs, and profiteers like Betsy Devos or invest in the American people by supporting tuition-free college for working families all across America.

I am calling on you to support the College For All Act (HR 676). "

Wait for response.

"Now more than ever, we need Democrats to stand with working families and support policies that create an America for all of us. Rep (Rep’s name) must support the College for All act and the seven other bills in the #PeoplesPlatform. Thank you."

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