I Pledge to Support DSA's Trans Day of Action on March 31

Trans rights and abortion access are the front lines of the fight against the far right and for working class liberation. Control of our bodies is a fundamental human right — one that everyone deserves equally.

The time is NOW to get active in our communities, schools, and unions, to spread love and solidarity for trans people of all ages across America. With 80,000 members, 200+ elected officials, and 150+ chapters in 48 states, DSA is ready.

Hold a Chapter Trans Day of Action

? Get the master Trans Day of Action Toolkit here!

March 31 is nationally known as Trans Day of Visibility — and for DSA, it will be a Trans Day of Action. This will be the first campaign of our national Trans Rights and Bodily Autonomy Campaign Commission, which joins Labor and Climate work as a top national priority.

Our goal is to is spread Trans Day of Action actions in as many chapters and cities as possible — and we need your help! Our national Campaign Commission serves as a for event organizers across the country, and we encourage anyone interested in a Trans Day of Visibility mobilization in their area to join. Just sign this pledge and receive an invitation via email.