I support Jetstar workers on strike

Jetstar workers have been left no choice but to take strike action to fight for better pay and safer conditions.

While Jetstar makes $4 billion in revenue, workers are forced onto part-time, insecure work leaving some struggling on as low as $429 a week. Workers took a pay freeze while the Qantas group was suffering, now with record profits, workers need to compensated for their hard work.

Jetstar has refused almost all of the basic claims put forward by workers, such as a 4% pay increase, minimum 30 hours a week, and improvements to rest breaks. Jetstar has also not put forward any of their own company claims. With negotiations at a stalemate, workers have no choice but to take action.

At the same time, Jetstar workers have raised safety concerns that put workers and the public at risk, such as understaffing, faulty equipment and a lack of experienced, trained staff on each shift

Please leave a message of support to Jetstar workers taking necessary action to fight for their rights to better pay, conditions and safety at work.

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