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Indivisible TX Lege will issue a CTA (Call to Action) for Texans to advocate during the 87th Legislative Session. Fill out this form every time you complete a CTA. Your work will help ensure a better and brighter future in Texas!

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Who Represents Me?

Bill Tracker:
In order for bills to get passed and become law, they must go through several steps. Committee votes, full chamber votes (House and Senate), and potentially conference committees.

Our CTAs start at the committee level, but that is not the last step for a bill. You can also use our Bill Tracker tool to see where a bill is currently at in the process.

If a deadline in our CTA has passed, check out our bill tracker to see what is needed today!

Indivisible TX Lege CTAs

(LGBTQIA+) Stop Attacks on Transgender Children! (SB 29) (3)

(HEALTHCARE) Senate Should Pass a Year of Medicaid Coverage for Mothers (HB 133)

(DEMOCRACY) Anti-Voter HB 6 and SB 7 In the House

(EDUCATION) Reduce Excessive Standardized Testing (HB 3668)

(DEMOCRACY) Say NO to an Appointed Official Being in Charge of Elections (SB 1340)

(CRIMINAL JUSTICE) Push to Pass Good Criminal Justice Bills (HBs 829, 830, and 834)

(DEMOCRACY) Pro-Voter Bills to Support!

(EDUCATION)  Keep Local Control of Charter School Expansions (SB 28)

(DEMOCRACY) Ensure Redistricting is Transparent (HB 3112)

(EDUCATION) Limit PreK Class Size to Improve Education Quality (HB 41)

(ENVIRONMENT) Save Power and Money for Texans! (SB 243, HB 4556)

(DEMOCRACY) Protect Your Right to Choose Your Representatives (Redistricting)

(REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS)  Stop Anti-Abortion Bills in the House (HBs 1515, 3218, 3760, 2313, 2337)

(HEALTHCARE) Axe the Tampon Tax! (Approve HB 321) UPDATE

(ENVIRONMENT) Support a Statewide Trail Network for Biking and Walking! (HCR 65)

(EDUCATION) Address Students’ Mental Health Needs (HBs 2465 and 2954)

(HEALTHCARE) Support Expanding Medicaid in Texas (HBs 1741 and 3871)

(LGBTQIA+) More Attacks on Transgender Youth and Those Who Care for Them (SBs 1311/1646, HBs 1399/1424)

(EDUCATION) Support Charter School Accountability (HB 97, 450, 1249)

(REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS) Show You Oppose Anti-Abortion Bills That Take Away Texan’s Rights!

(CRIMINAL JUSTICE) Support Community-Sponsored Bail Reform (Support HB 2077)

(LGBTQIA+) Stop Attacks on Transgender Children! (SB 29) (2)

(DEMOCRACY) Let Me Decide Who Represents Me

(CRIMINAL JUSTICE) Care About Homelessness? Oppose HB 1925! (2)

(EDUCATION) Improve Public Education Accountability. Ensure HB 1867 Gets a Hearing and Passes!

(CRIMINAL JUSTICE) Care About Homelessness? Oppose HB 1925!

(REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS) Fetuses Don’t Need Lawyers (HB 1171)

(ENVIRONMENT) Don’t Force Companies to Invest in Fossil Fuels. Stop HB 2189!

(DEMOCRACY) Defeat HB 6, a Voter Suppression and Criminalization Act (and SB 7, too!)

(EDUCATION) Keep Control of Schools Local (SB 28 and SB 1365)

(LGBTQIA+) Stop Attacks on Transgender Children! (SB 29)

(CRIMINAL JUSTICE) Support HB 88, the “George Floyd Act” for Police Reform

(ENVIRONMENT) Don’t Store Imported High-Level Radioactive Waste in Texas!

(DEMOCRACY) SB 7, a Jim Crow-Era Assault on Voting Rights

(ENVIRONMENT) Should Companies Be Forced to Invest in Fossil Fuels? Stop SB 13!

(ENVIRONMENT) Electric or Natural Gas Appliances? Let Local Governments Decide!

(DEMOCRACY) Contact Legislators to Protect Your Right to Vote

(EDUCATION) Rein in Harmful Charter School Expansion!

(ENVIRONMENT) HB 631 Would Take Away Local Control of Landfill Siting!

(LGBTQIA+) Support Banning the “Panic” Defense for Assaulting LGBTQIA+ Texans

Join State Advocacy Training Sessions

(HEALTHCARE) Save Lives, Save the Budget, Expand Medicaid!

Attend Planned Parenthood Advocacy Training

Keep Calling about the Mask Mandate

Sign Up To Provide Redistricting Testimony

Join Us Every Tuesday for a CTA Phone Bank

Comment on Dan Patrick’s Priorities

Speak Up About Election Reform

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Demand a Town Hall!

Share Your Story and Push for Public Testimony

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Save Planned Parenthood Medicaid Reimbursements

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Respond to Abbott’s Emergency Priorities

Cancel 2021 STAAR Testing!

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