Join the Committee to Protect Health Care!

The Committee to Protect Health Care (CTP) believes that medical professionals should be at the forefront of conversations regarding health care policy.

CTP will continue to lead the movement for expanded health care coverage by elevating medical professionals' voices. Committee members will:

  1. Guide public narrative on federal health care legislation;

  2. Engage in state-level health care fights such as public health insurance option, Medicaid expansion, paid sick leave, prescription drug affordability board, and more;

  3. Continue our elected official accountability work on the pandemic response and health care policy at the state and federal levels.

Here's what to expect: Occasional correspondence from our organizing team inviting you to engage in actions to advocate on behalf of your patients' health care.

Join over 6,600 medical professionals championing expanded health care through the Committee to Protect Health Care. Add your name to this fight.

To learn more about our work, please visit