Join a Hometown Action Organizing Team

Join one of our 2021 organizing teams! Hometown Action is for the people and we can't do the work we do without good people like you! Our teams include:

  • Gender Justice: Disrupting the Right's ability to weaponize gender to divide our movement, we're developing plans centered on trans liberation.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare is a human right and the COVID pandemic has proven that our for-profit healthcare system costs lives.  Our national campaign to Make Medicines Work is fighting corporate power to break pharmaceutical monopolies on the Coronavirus vaccine.
  • Community Resilience & Mutual Aid: Sustainable communities means responding to the immediate needs of local communities whether in response to natural disasters or by building mutual aid networks that fill the gaps left by a lack of investment in rural communities.
  • Climate & Environmental Justice: The South is being disproportionately impacted by climate change. We're fighting for a regional Green New Deal and policies like the THRIVE agenda that addresses the climate catastrophe unfolding around us day by day.
  • Anti-Racism: We're committed to the fight for racial justice in rural communities. Our teams are organizing against new private prisons in our state and working with local communities to remove unwanted confederate monuments.  
  • Movement Politics: A new kind of political engagement that trains leaders through research, advocacy, and political engagement that moves us toward more democratic systems of co-governance with elected officials.
  • Distributed Organizing: Join a rapid response text or phone bank to engage Alabamians on the most pressing issues facing our state right now in Congress and the legislature and learn new skills through relational deep canvassing.

     Choose one or more team to get involved with Hometown Action!

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