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The Trump administration is attempting to add an untested, unnecessary citizenship question to the 2020 Census. Experts warn that this will cause countless Americans to refuse to fill out the Census survey, regardless of their citizenship status.

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An under-count of Coloradans in the 2020 Census would negatively impact Colorado over the next decade.

Census data is used to calculate the number of U.S. Representative seats allotted to each state. Colorado currently has seven seats, and we are predicted to gain an eighth seat in 2020.

If we do not receive an accurate count from Colorado communities with high immigrant populations, the result could be diminished representation.

Census data is also used to determine federal funding for state programs across the country. This includes funding for Medicare, housing assistance, head start programs, emergency food assistance, public education, and more.

Colorado is expected to receive billions of dollars in federal funds for these programs over the next decade. An inaccurate Census count could mean less money for our state.

Our Constitution requires the Census to count every person who lives here -- and getting that count right is immensely important for our state.

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