Join the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

The Australian Unemployed Workers' Union is an organisation by the unemployed, for the unemployed.

Our mission at the AUWU is to protect the common interests of the 750,000+ Australians who are currently unemployed.

With three major attacks being waged against unemployed workers, this struggle is more important than ever:

  1. Lack of jobs - 17 people competing for every job vacancy
  2. Low rate of Newstart - $360 per fortnight below the poverty line
  3. Punitive system of fines and activities - 50% of job agencies are unfair.

To protect our welfare state from the government’s ongoing assault, we will need the help of the wider Australian public.

It is for this reason that the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union welcomes all those dependent on Centrelink, as well as all those who have jobs, to join our struggle for a fair and humane welfare state.

Its completely free to join up, so sign up today and join the struggle for a fair Australia!