Join the Umbrella Revolution

To prepare for revolution, we are launching Umbrella, a new hub to coordinate the creation of radical, nonviolent projects alongside Just Stop Oil. From fundraising, to mobilisation and taking action, Umbrella will help empower our communities to build campaigns with huge impacts.

Please use this form to tell us if you are interested in helping with Umbrella or the projects below, and what skills you would want to put to use!

What are the planned projects?

Just Stop Oil won't let up the pressure this year, with huge actions planned for the summer behind our three demands: No New Oil, Revoke Tory Licences and Just Stop Oil by 2030.

Youth Demand will be led by young people and students and focus on making The Labour Party's fuckery clear by exposing their complicity in genocide: the Palestinian genocide and the global genocide from burning fossil fuels.

Assemble will take part in the 2024 election. Working with other groups, we will hold local assemblies to select local candidates for the election and build a popular mass movement after the election. The goal is to create a “People’s House” to parallel the House of Commons as the first step towards permanent, legally-binding citizens assemblies.

Robin Hood is still in development and considering proposals. The project will address key social issues to go to the heart of what's wrong with our economic system and the inequality, greed and corruption destroying our public services and exposing us to climate collapse.

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