Join Tipping Point PA: To Defeat Donald Trump, We Must Win Pennsylvania!


All Paths To a Biden Victory Go Through Pennsylvania!

If we can turn out low propensity, Democrat leaning, voters of color and young people in Pennsylvania, Biden will win Pennsylvania. In 2016, PA was one of 3 states that went for Trump by less than a single percentage point with a margin of 44,000 votes.

Now, in 2020, FiveThirtyEight gives Pennsylvania the highest likelihood (32.0%) of being the tipping point state. This election will likely come down to Pennsylvania and the importance of ensuring victory cannot be overstated. When the margin is likely to be this slim, we must do all we can to persuade and turn out every likely Biden.

Sign up today to mobilize voters in this decisive state and you'll power the movement to deliver a clear victory for Joe Biden as we rid ourselves of Donald Trump.

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