Solidarity Petition for Kansas City Starbucks Workers!

I Support Starbucks Workers' Right to Unionize

A major shift is happening in American society, with non-unionized workers overcoming union busting and fighting to unionize like they have not in many decades. In April, workers in Staten Island won the first-ever union at an Amazon warehouse, despite Amazon spending millions of dollars to crush the workers’ organizing. Workers at over 250 Starbucks stores nationwide have announced union elections, and already 100 of them have voted to unionize! But Starbucks workers are facing a vicious union-busting campaign by Starbucks executives. In Overland Park, Starbucks fired pro-union workers Maddie McCrory and Michael Vestigo, along with dozens of other pro-union workers across the country, in their outrageous and blatantly illegal attempts to crush their organizing. Nothing less than coordinated nationwide action will be enough to stop the union busting and win back the jobs of all of the workers who have been unjustly fired. KC-Area Starbucks workers are already fighting back, including workers who recently went on a three-day strike, and it’s crucial that working people and union members stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers. Join us!

I'll be there to stand with Starbucks Workers when they ask for solidarity, whether at rallies, in the stores, or on the picket lines.

The right to organize a union is a fundamental civil right.

Starbucks must immediately stop union busting, recognize the union immediately at every store whose employees request it, based on a card check election.

Starbucks must bargain a fair contract with their workers which provides all employees good living standards and ensures the company's enormous wealth does not flow just to top executives and shareholders.

Sign the petition to stand with Starbucks Workers in their fight for a Union!

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