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Over the past few years, education activists like us have done incredible work, building a powerful movement to counter the growing corporate dominance of our public schools. 

It's time to bring our movement into prime time, and restore much-needed integrity to the public conversation about education. That means speaking honestly about about what we need and want for our children, our schools and our future, guided by our shared democratic values and the best available evidence.

Sign up now if you want to:

  • learn from each other, and share ideas and opportunities to connect with a wider audience.
  • talk about real issues—democracy, diversity, dismantling poverty and inequality, and much more—on air.
  • make sure that the public knows there is more to the public education story than the same old talking points spouted by the same few familiar faces. 

Together, we can transform this conversation. Let's get started!

Form by
Sabrina Joy  Stevens
Washington, District of Columbia