MASSPIRG Internship Application


MASSPIRG interns take on leadership on one or more of our campaigns and receive support and training from a team of experienced organizers and student leaders. We are looking for interns who are organized, communicate well, and passionate abut making a difference! Our internship program gives you the opportunity to take your education out of the classroom, do hands-on work, learn important skills, and make an impact. Apply today!

Campaigns and Internship roles:

100% Renewable Energy Campus

  • We're continuing our work to commit our campus and our state to 100% renewable energy. We need interns to organize grassroots support as well as VIP and faculty support. We also need people interested in working with the media to get coverage of our events and develop a radio podcast or social media photo series around 100% Renewable Energy. We also need Spring Semester Big Event planners for Earth Day and a 100% Renewable Energy Teach-in.

Make Textbooks Affordable

  • Work with faculty members, librarians, and administrators to increase the use of free open educational resources and textbooks to help save students thousands of dollars on educational materials. Now, with the increase in online resources, there is another barrier to free educational materials - access codes. We'll be educating faculty and students about open education resources and trying to eliminate access codes wherever possible.

Alleviate Hunger and Homelessness

  • We'll be planning a campus-wide Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week in November before Thanksgiving. We'll host educational events, plan service trips and raise funds for local poverty relief agencies. We'll be working on campuses to help staff, stock, or start up food pantries. We are also looking for people interested in fundraising for disaster relief to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Ban Styrofoam

  • We've been working to get Dunkin Donuts to retire their Styrofoam cup and switch to more sustainable containers. We're calling on customers to request that Dunks take action by utilizing social media, customer surveys, and educational events to give consumers the information they need to call for this change.

Save the Bees

  • Campuses can become "Bee Friendly" by taking action to protect bee habitats and eliminate or reduce dangerous chemicals from any products used on the grounds. We can build partnerships on campus with green groups, the sustainability department, and others to make this possible.

Strengthen Democracy

  • Access to voting is a huge barrier for many people to casting their vote on Election Day. We need everyone to participate in our elections to have a more representative democracy. In order to increase participation we need to make voting as easy as possible. This semester we're working to pass a bill that would require Automatic Voter Registration. Join us in getting media attention, calling on our legislators to vote the right way through call in days, attending hearings, and getting media attention around this issue.

Run your own local project to tackle a public interest issue in your community!

Leadership and Skills development:

Communication Skills

  • Improve your public speaking and one-on-one meeting skills.
  • Polish up your writing skills.
  • Learn how to collaborate with media outlets.

Campaign Skills

  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Generate grassroots support (petitions, letters, calls)
  • Build coalition partnerships
  • Organize large events
  • Learn campaign strategies

Leadership Skills

  • Run meetings
  • Work with teams
  • Plan large events
  • Develop other leaders
  • Manage volunteers
  • Delegate responsibilities and manage your time

Apply today!

By providing my contact information, I am consenting to have MASSPIRG Students, the Student PIRGs, and their affiliates contact me with information about this and future campaigns.

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