Pledge to achieve real improvements to wages, workloads and work/life balance.

NAB has failed their employees.

In recent years working at NAB has only gotten tougher.

Management have stopped listening to our concerns on wages, workloads, work/life balance and more – but if we don’t speak up nothing is going to change.

We need a new Enterprise Agreement that gives all NAB employees access to real wage increases and conditions that improve their quality of life.

We’re calling for 6% wage increases, limits on excessive hours, Branch staffing ratios – see our full claim here.

We’ve delivered record profits. Now it’s time for our fair share.

Will you join with thousands of other union members and take the pledge to achieve real improvements in this EA?

Why it’s important we act now:

Cost of Living Crisis

Inflation is running at 5.1% and it's expected to go higher before the end of 2022.

In a recent survey 81% of NAB workers said that their current remuneration is failing to keep up with cost-of-living increases.

Working 50+ hours a week

A Union investigation into the working hours of Group 3 and above employees uncovered systemic, long-term exploitative practices that saw most employees working in excess of 50 hours per week.

None of the excessive hours were paid. The consequences include significant mental and physical harm.

Branch Staffing

On any given day frontline branch workers are being left understaffed, with as few as 2 employees onsite.

This has resulted in greater health and safety risks, workload intensification, and an erosion of basic workplace rights – like being able to use the bathroom when needed.

Culture has turned toxic

The workplace culture within NAB has dramatically changed in recent years. The views and opinions of employees are no longer listened to.

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