Occupy the Hamptons: Billionaires are Killing Us!

As billionaires kill us with rising emissions, rising temperatures, and rising inequality, the only thing we can do in response is rise up against them

The world's richest 1 percent produce twice the amount of carbon emissions as the world's poorest 50 percent. Billionaires get richer and richer, while the incomes of 99% of the world fall and 160 million more people are forced into poverty. As communities are displaced in floods and wildfires and our children choke on polluted smokey air, we cannot afford any more luxury emissions from private jets and yachts.

That's why we are taking to the streets of the Hamptons from July 13 through July 18,
meeting the uber-rich where they enjoy their summer vacation without a care for the damage and destruction they're causing. We will make it impossible for them to ignore the danger and death that they are inflicting (while having a bit of a beach vacation and community building ourselves!)

With corrupt CEOs and politicians pushing for carbon bombs like the Willow Project and the Mountain Valley Pipeline, our actions will make it clear to our government where the people stand. We are fighting to win big statewide investments in climate justice and community care that will be paid for by taxing the 1%. We are fighting for Indigenous justice on Long Island as we stand in solidarity with members of the Shinnecock Nation, our partners for these actions.

Actions include:
- Non-violent direct actions to target the billionaires fueling the climate crisis, preventing them from relaxing while the planet burns
- Mass march and block party to protect indigenous lands and fight inequality
- Smaller disruptive actions to call out the gross excesses of extreme wealth accumulation and demand wealth redistribution and Indigenous rights.

Between actions, we will stay together at a big vacation home and fill our time with teach-ins, swimming, and communal dinners!
Sign up and join us - all levels of experience are welcome!

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