ONLINE PANEL — What is Energy Democracy and Why Does It Matter?

2:00PM - 3:30PM EST  |  November 12, 2015  |  Online Panel Event (FREE)


Janet Redman, Institute for Policy Studies (moderator)
Denise Fairchild, Emerald Cities Collaborative
Meghan Zaldivar, PUSH Buffalo
Miya Yoshitani, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

As the climate crisis heats up, and its impacts on the economy and people’s lives become more pronounced, concerned people everywhere are looking for new alternatives. Energy democracy seeks to replace the current corporate fossil-fuel economy with one that puts racial, social, and economic justice at the forefront of the transition to a 100% renewable energy future.

By energy democracy we mean bringing energy resources under public or community ownership and/or control, a key aspect of the struggle for climate justice and an essential step toward building a more just, equitable, sustainable, and resilient economy.

We’ve invited key energy democracy leaders to kick-start a conversation on why energy democracy is so important.

The panel discussion will focus on ways to build strategies to advance community-based energy that intersect with the broader movement toward resilient communities and a regenerative economy. Our panelists will discuss how issues such as land use, food justice, housing, public safety, and clean energy jobs are critical to the fight for energy democracy.

Come engage with leaders of the recently formed Energy Democracy Project to learn more about their perspectives on energy democracy and how they are seeking to build a powerful movement to democratize energy in this country.

Presented by:

The Energy Democracy Project

New Economy Coalition

The Next System Project (of The Democracy Collaborative)

This online panel is a featured event of New Economy Week 2015: From Austerity to Prosperity.