Perth STOPS for Climate

Register your commitment to join thousands of others when we hit the streets in support of REAL action on climate change!

WHEN: Monday April 17, 2023

TIME: 10:00am

WHERE: Supreme Court Gardens

We know there is a lot of support in WA for decisive and meaningful action on the climate crisis and this is our chance to come together to demand it.

Our goal is to have thousands marching for Climate change action in Perth. With two months left before the rally we have received over 500 registrations and many volunteers who are ready to join us!

Our team are working behind the scenes every day to help spread the word to achieve the numbers we need to make this rally even bigger, but we also depend on you to help by registering and encouraging others to register and attend!

There are still plenty of opportunities to volunteer to help promote and organise the event or help on the day. Together, the people of Western Australia can demand our policymakers and big business take the action necessary to protect us and future generations to come.