HS2 is one of the largest and most damaging infrastructure projects our country has ever seen and is representative of everything we are seeking to change within this toxic system.

HS2 is set to be a net carbon contributor for 120 years.

Far from reducing flights HS2 is being lobbied for by 4 major airports who all state that it is essential for their plans for aviation expansion.

HS2 will require 3TWh/yr of electricity to run, that’s 67% of the electricity the entire UK rail network currently uses.

693 local wildlife sites, 33 sites of special scientific interest, 21 designated local nature reserves, 5 wildlife refuges of international importance and 108 ancient woodlands are all threatened by HS2. 9 major rivers will be diverted and 34 KM of the route goes directly through flood zones.

HS2 require 6-10 million litres of water a day to carry out the drilling of the chilterns tunnel, an estimate 30 billion litres of water over three years.

Affinity Water, the water company which draws 60 % of their water from this source supplying 3.2 million people have told HS2 that they cannot meet their demand for water and in 2013 highlighted their concerns that the water supply could be entirely jeopardised by HS2 works.

In addition to the catastrophic environmental cost the human cost is huge. 888 homes and 985 businesses are being demolished to make way for the project. HS2 is by far the most expensive high speed railway the world has ever seen – £106 Billion according to the government, but independent experts have predicted up to £230 billion. Tickets will likely never be affordable for the average person on the street. Its projected users will need a salary over £60k/year and most of the economic benefit is heading to London, yet the average tax payer will contribute over £4k to HS2’s construction.

HS2 Rebellion is at the forefront of the stand against HS2. We have ambitious plans for the coming weeks and need your support.

See our facebook page for specific details of these events and actions.

Please let us know when and how you can help.

The trees thank you and so do we!

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