PPP Lawyers Chapter Application

PPP is committed to unrigging the civil legal system, focusing on the role lawyers and the legal profession have played in rigging that system. The organization’s focus is on righting lawyer-created harms, and supporting the communities most impacted by those harms. Across PPP chapters, organizers are working to advance these commitments in any number of ways, from pushing to increase financial support for students pursuing public-interest work to organizing in their communities for an equitable response to the COVID–19 pandemic.

In addition to ongoing national policy priorities, PPP’s work is motivated by a desire to create a new kind of law student and lawyering: a legal culture that prioritizes true justice over prestige, and what is right over what is profitable. To this end, PPP is dedicated to expanding access to public interest legal work across all areas of the profession. All PPP chapters work to advance these priorities, while tailoring the work to the unique contours of their campuses and communities.

If you are ready to join us and bring PPP to your community, please fill out the following application. Feel free to reach out to our Organizing and Network Director, Steve Kennedy, at steve@peoplesparity.org with any questions or for help filling out the application. We can't wait to start organizing with you!