Put Oil and Gas (and lawmakers) on notice this year!

This year is THE year in Colorado to mobilize for the basic safety of our children and our communities, and to affirm to our blue house, senate, and governor's mansion that we decide just how profoundly oil & gas should impact our lives and safety.

From Westword, February 4: "For all the fury of the past five years, state law governing oil and gas development remains essentially unchanged [...]. The industry is still producing at record levels, with thousands of new well permits pending approval. Communities along the Front Range still have little to no control over the heavy industrial extraction operations happening right in their back yards. Colorado’s climate is still growing warmer and drier as global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise."

Time to get our collective voices back and be heard! 2019 is the year that we MUST mobilize, for the safety of our children and our homes, and for the climate and our future. Sign up here so that we can be alert you to local actions - rallies, hearings, phone/email writing campaigns, and floor votes - where your body and your voice are needed.

Colorado's Oil and Gas industry will be throwing MILLIONS of dollars into the fight - but we can beat them by making sure our state lawmakers know exactly where we stand.