Sign now to tell Democratic candidates: Reject support from AIPAC

Anti-Palestinian lobbying group AIPAC has influenced Congress for decades to unconditionally and uncritically support Israel’s government.

But only in 2022 did the group launch its first formal political action committee, to endorse and fund political candidates. In its first-ever slate of political endorsements in 2022, AIPAC PAC endorsed 109 insurrectionist Republicans who voted to overturn the will of the American people in 2020’s election.

In addition to AIPAC PAC, the group formed a new SuperPAC, called the United Democracy Project. In 2022, the United Democracy Project (UDP) intervened in ten separate Democratic primaries to defeat progressive candidates. UDP also endorsed and funded Republicans in general elections against progressive Democrats.

With these PACs and another affiliated PAC known as Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI), AIPAC spent over $41 million attacking Democrats in the last election cycle, with much success.

Pro-Trump billionaires donated millions to these PACs in order to shape the Democratic Party in primaries and attack Democrats in general elections. This is again anti-democratic work, out of alignment with Democratic voters -- who have indicated in recent polls that they sympathize with Palestinians and do not want their taxpayer dollars to support the Israeli government’s human rights abuses.

AIPAC is not only anti-Palestinian, but also anti-progressive and anti-democracy. It is out of alignment with the Democratic Party, and Democratic candidates should refuse financial support or endorsements from AIPAC or its connected PACs.

Please sign now to tell Democratic candidates running for election or re-election in 2024: Do not take money from AIPAC PAC or its network of PACs (the United Democracy Project and Democratic Majority for Israel). Reject endorsements and funding from these right-wing, anti-democratic groups.

Note: You can find AIPAC PAC’s first round of 2024 endorsements here, which includes Democrats as well as Republicans who voted to overturn 2020’s election results.