Clean Air Call-In Day: Tell Governor Hochul to Deny Norlite's Permits on April 11th

Take action to protect clean air and a healthful environment in Cohoes, Troy, and beyond! It's time to end hazardous waste burning at Norlite Aggregate LLC in Cohoes.

Fill out the form on the right to RSVP for the call-in day on April 11th when we'll tell Governor Hochul to deny Norlite's permit renewals >>>

Norlite is in the process of renewing their Title V Clean Air Act and Resource and Conservation Recovery Act Part 373 permits. These two permits allow Norlite to accept, store, and burn hazardous waste.

Lights Out Norlite believes that Norlite is the single largest sources of mercury pollution in New York State. Even "low" amounts of exposure to the type of toxins that Norlite emits can affect children's ability to learn.

After more than three decades of Norlite breaking environmental law, it's time to say enough is enough and deny these permits that allow Norlite to burn hazardous waste as fuel.

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