SCAN Membership Form

SCAN Membership Form

The Students’ Climate Action Network is a network of students on the island of Ireland calling for urgent and radical action to prevent climate breakdown and ensure a just and sustainable future.

This is the form that needs to be filled out in order to sign up to participate as a student member in events and activities of the Students' Climate Action Network (SCAN). The purpose of this form is to ensure that the parents/guardians are fully aware of SCAN activities and to reduce the need for parents to fill out lengthy permission forms for each SCAN event. Before filling in this form please visit the social media pages of the Students’ Climate Action Network or contact us for more information at

You may direct any questions about this form, or about the organisation or its policies to the email addresses listed here:

Main organisation contact: (please note this Gmail is managed by a group of students with support from volunteer teachers)

Teacher volunteer contact: (managed by volunteer teachers only)

You will need a parent or guardian to complete this form. After the form has been completed and submitted it will be printed and posted to the parent or guardian filling out the form.

The information collected in this form will only be used for purposes of facilitating the student named in the form to participate in SCAN events and activities. The permissions granted by parents/guardians in this form below will be regarded as valid from the date that the form is completed online, until the young person named is 18 years old. After this time the student will be contacted by SCAN to ask whether they would like to continue their membership as a SCAN supporter or SCAN youth leader. If the student does not reply their data will be erased.

There are six parts to this form. The form will take approximately 20 minutes to read and complete – but will save time filling out forms for multiple events and activities.

Part A – Membership information.

Part B - Permission to attend events in person.

Part C - Permission to participate in online activities.

Part D – Safety and emergency contact information

Part E – Medical and other issues

Part F - Photo and video consent

Important notes about Part C (online activities):

  • Online SCAN activities are supervised by SCAN volunteer teachers. Only activities listed on this form, and which are advertised on the SCAN website or Action Network emails are official SCAN activities and are supervised by teachers.
  • Participants in online activities are required to follow agreed SCAN guidelines for ICT use.
  • Participants are asked to never photograph, film, screenshot or screen-record (online) other participants as part of SCAN activities unless previously agreed the person being filmed and with volunteer teachers who will check parental consent (e.g. filming a speech at a public event).
  • Arising from their involvement in the global youth climate movement, your child may be asked to join other online platforms and activities that are not part of SCAN (such as whatsapp groups, online meetings, Skype calls etc). Parents should be aware that other youth networks, NGOs, journalist and others may contact student activists due to their involvement in SCAN and that these organisations do not follow SCAN procedures or policies.
  • Technologies used by SCAN are regularly reviewed, and if changed it is
    possible that parents may need to complete this form or other forms to accommodate changes to online activities.

Important notes about Part D (Safety and emergency contact information) and Part E (Medical and other issues):

  • Provision of up to date emergency contact information is of paramount importance. Parents are responsible for ensuring that SCAN has the up to date contact information for at least two emergency contacts who will be contactable for the duration of any SCAN events that a young person attends.
  • Parents/guardians should contact to update emergency contact information, or update any essential information relating to health or wellbeing, at least two working days before the SCAN event the young person wishes to attend, if information previously provided in this form is out of date.
  • The Students’ Climate Action Network (SCAN) is run by students with the support of secondary school teachers who work with the students on a voluntary basis. Meetings and workshops advertised on the SCAN website/network emails are supervised by volunteer teachers. The purpose of this part of the form is to ensure parents are fully aware that, while advertised events will be supervised by SCAN volunteers, parents permit their children to participate in SCAN activities do so at their own risk. Parents and guardian’s by filling out Part 4 of the form, accept that SCAN volunteers are not responsible for the actions of students or for any unfortunate incident or accident that might befall their child.
  • SCAN teacher volunteers are not involved in arranging travel to and from events, or for supervision of students before or after SCAN events. SCAN teacher volunteers will only supervise students who are fully signed up as SCAN student members, and only during officially advertised times of meetings, workshops and other events.
  • Unfortunately, SCAN does not currently have capacity to provide individual support or care for students with additional medical or psychological needs. In the case that there are any medical or psychological issues or other issues that a young person could potentially need support with during their participation in any SCAN event, parents/guardians are responsible for providing or organising appropriate support. SCAN teacher volunteers are happy to discuss how to facilitate the participation of parents and carers in events and activities where this is needed to make the event accessible and inclusive for young people. Contact email address for SCAN volunteer teachers: (managed by volunteer teachers only)