Tell President Biden Why He Should Stand Up To Big Pharma and #Freethevaccine

Right now millions in the Global South won't get vaccines until 2024. This is not only a form of vaccine apartheid and an urgent racial justice issue affecting the most marginalized people in our world, it is also a threat to people everywhere. Letting COVID-19 run rampant threatens more unnecessary deaths, deadly variants, prolongs pandemic safety restrictions, and trillions of dollars in the global economy.

On May 5th we won a historic victory for a particular measure at the World Trade Organization called the TRIPS Waiver that lowers barriers to vaccine production in the Global South. After organizing rallies around the country, virtual events that engaged tens of thousands, and congressional outreach, our broad coalition pushed the US government to challenge some of the most powerful companies in the world and waive COVID-19 patents rather than prioritze pharma profits. This is a huge step towards ending vaccine apartheid.

Yet, this win is not the end of the story. The crisis continues to devastate communities in India and elsewhere in the Global South and pharma is fighting hard to make this narrow and ineffective. We need to push for a full waiver to lower and then we need to facilitate fast and efficient ramp up.

We can do this, by ramping up public pressure on pharmaceutical companies to give the administration political cover. Any delay, threatens more unnecessary deaths, more deadly variants, and prolonged economic shutdowns.

Send a postcard to the White House to demand President Biden stand up to Big Pharma and #FreetheVaccine.

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