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Boston, MA

We are at a crossroads. Our communities are experiencing instability and isolation, both of which are exacerbated by lack of access to food, shelter, fair voting systems, healthcare, and a living wage. The unequal and unreliable access to healthcare and other basic rights is an injustice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of the healthcare and public health in the United States and around the world. The crisis has demonstrated that everyone is vulnerable, especially those who were poor or sick already, as a result of globalization and systemic and environmental racism. Our leaders are in denial, and millions of people are excluded from access to basic human rights (food, shelter, a living wage, decent education, equitable voting systems, quality healthcare, public health systems).

The COVID-19 crisis also presents us with a historic opportunity to come together to create a more equitable and just reality for all of our futures. Get involved and our team will reach out to you to plug in! Since lockdowns started, we've gone from zero to 50 states, sent thousands of letters to Congress, organized 1,500+ health professionals to lobby the Biden Campaign for a bold Pandemic Prevention Plan, and set up and attended more than 300+ meetings between grassroots leaders and their elected officials. We regularly hold "web-ins" with leaders and experts to teach us, and strategize together how to take action to win. Almost 75,000 people and 250+ organizations have endorsed the People's Pandemic Prevention Plan.

Our group started as conversations between emerging, activists, scholars, and long time veterans, united in anger to be facing another pandemic perpetuated by irresponsible leaders as well as racist and inequitable policies. We crafted the idea of organizing a Pandemic Prevention Plan, taking action to stop COVID-19, build back better to a new normal, and stop the march of future pandemics.

We urgently need to learn from this pandemic, build relationships, engage with experts and frontline providers, and listen to people who have been most impacted. We are building a movement to sustainably advocate for healthcare as a human right for everyone, everywhere. Join the team!

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