Share Your Health Care Story!

Health insurance companies make **hundreds of billions** of dollars **by denying you care.**

We are happy to see that Governor Lamont is taking action to relieve families of medical debt.

But let’s be clear - in our current for-profit health care system, medical debt is a feature, not a bug. Without changes to the underlying profit-seeking system, people will be incurring medical debt again.

We know many of you are not able to access health care, experiencing medical debt or high co-pays and deductibles, denial of care, or unable to access insurance or health care at all.  

CCAG wants to hear your story.

Fill out this form to schedule an appointment with a CCAG organizer. We will protect your privacy, and you can share your story anonymously if you wish.

We will use your stories to tell lawmakers that enough is enough, and demand they prioritize your health over the greed of the healthcare system.

We will also keep you informed about bills this legislative session on these issues, and of opportunities to take action this year and beyond.

Thanks for all you do!

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