Did you know the American Rescue Plan created incentives for the 14 states to join the rest of the country and expand Medicaid immediately, covering millions of Americans, creating over 1 million jobs, and adding more than $350 billion to their local economies over the next 3 years?[1]

Of course, Republicans are doing whatever they can to stop it from happening. The good news is we can expand medicaid without them.

In fact, two of those states - Missouri and Oklahoma - already did it!

The state Democratic Party, local democratic leaders, and healthcare professionals worked together to pass Medicaid Expansion by taking it straight to voters at the ballot box and WON!

They provide a model for the other 12 states -- South Dakota, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Texas -- to follow.

Congress can also close the Medicaid coverage gap[2] without Republican support using the process of budget reconciliation that only requires a majority vote to win by including Senator Warnock’s Medicaid expansion amendment in the American Jobs Plan reconciliation bill.

Sign now to demand the Democratic Party, from leaders in Congress and the Democratic National Committee to every state and local Democratic Party and leader in between, to deliver on President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and expand Medicaid to over 2.2 million Americans in need by any means necessary now.

[1] The Economic and Employment Effects of Medicaid Expansion Under the American Rescue Plan, Commonwealth Fund May 2021
[2] The Medicaid Coverage Gap: State Fact Sheets, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities