SIGN ON: Say NO to austerity and end House PAYGO!

The "Pay as You Go" (PAYGO) rule in the U.S. House of Representatives could get in the way of desperately needed government spending to revive our economy and stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economists and the Federal Reserve agree that without massive, rapid government stimulus, this recession will turn into a depression.

The House PAYGO rule prioritizes austerity over recovery. We are in crisis, and interest rates are at record lows.

The House has always had the ability to waive PAYGO for specific bills. In the COVID-19 relief package called the CARES Act, Congress waived PAYGO because in a crisis, federal spending shouldn’t be held back by arbitrary budget rules. But that’s no guarantee that future bills will enjoy the same treatment.

We can't allow artificial budget rules to tie Congress’s hands during these unprecedented times. When the House adopts its rules for the 117th Congress in January, we need PAYGO to go!

Sign the petition: say NO to austerity and end House PAYGO!